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yep [Tuesday
August 9th, 2005
[ mood | hungry ]

alright some people know this already, but yeah. i have a new livejournal.
this one was getting old and half the people that are my friends dont update.


add it.</span>


i love my jessXslutface [Wednesday
July 20th, 2005
[ mood | awake ]

Well I can't regret,
can't you just forget it?
I started something I couldn't finish
And if we go down,
we go down together
best friends means,
well best friends means

And I've got a twenty-dollar bill
that says you're up late night starting
fist fights versus fences in your backyard
Wearing your black eye like a badge of honor
Soaking in sympathy
from friends who never loved you
nearly half as much as me

me and jess are cooler then you because we lay in the road at 2am and take pics of us. ahhahhahah way cooler then you. i love that girl.

ps. we need to watch cky2k RIGHT NOW(&*)*!)_*()$#@


people are stupid. so i made my lj friends only. [Monday
June 6th, 2005
[ mood | annoyed ]


June 6th, 2005
um yeah my livejournl is gonna be friends only cause i have one to many haters.

kay thanks<3

oh em gee! i hung out with ASH-HOLE this weekend! [Sunday
June 5th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

alright! friday! GC with devin and jess, it was fun me and jess got up front. but we were bored and went and tryed to find devin and when we were doing that steven lemon stopped us and was talking to us about stuff lol and then we went back to finding devin and jess lifted me and and what do you know he was talking to some girls i walked up to him and it was mb and ally lol what a suprize. yeah then we left we got home around 11 30? i dont know then around 12 we went to wawa<3 mmm, i got a meat ball sub thing! and they got mad food and we went back home. some how we all passed out in my bed. around 4 30 my mom came in and pulled my foot trying to wake me up to wake devin up before my dad found out he slept in my bed so devin went in the living room! and no one ever told my father: ) i love my mommy! shes the coolest!

saturday me jess and devin watched tv till about 12 30 then they went home and what not and i was so bored. i had nothign to do at all! so0o i tryed finding people who would like to go to the mall with me. no one wanted to go but then BAM! i imed ashley and was like wanna go to the mall with me and she was like well im hanging out with megan and nancy and kevins coming over in a few... and we dont have a ride i was like well all you guys can come! and so we loaded everyone in the car and went to the mall! michell alexa and amanda kelly brong a watermelon to the mall along witha toaster a lemon and some other stuff. they pluged the toaster in the ground and made toast in the middle of the mall lol and left the watermelon on the table so me and ashley were like hellyeah and cut that sucker open with pastic knives! mmm it was good but everone was looking at us and shit and kevin kept throwing it at me. lol then scarlett came along and we all made fun of people and picked people out that were ugly and saying "thats your man!" lol then we all took a walk to macy*s. and lol they put me in a suit case and wheeled me around and then ran and i couldnt get out and then scarlett let me out :)<3 lol then we went to the elevator and took one of the phones! hahah i ran away with it into the elevator and put it in scarletts purse! ahhahaha then me and ashely went back and got to cord! and road the vator til scarlett kevin megan and nancy to get there cause we are cool like that. then we all like i dont know did stuff and then made plans to sleep over megans! so well went back to my house then to lawrance's and get him and he had to sit in front with me! lol so i sat on his lap went to kevins got his hoodie then to megans. wooo yeah we had alot of fun. i drove in the woods it was fun<3 we did other junk but i forget

today, SUCKED.. thanks. me and devin had some problems. but w/e yeah

tomorrow, people are coming over? to watch a movie.

i love ashley, megan, kevin, chirs, lawrance, eddie, and nancy!

hey, can someone answer this question?
can cockroaches fly?


June 3rd, 2005
[ mood | pissed off ]

man today was funny!! to start it off it went alittle like this!

me talking to gina and i had to be like a foot away from her not even and STUPID JENNA decided to get right in front of me when she knew i was talking to gina, and she just stood there like a fucking dyke. and then ashley v was like you know you just got infront of tegan right and i was still standing right in the spot that i was talking to gina in. and she was like "yeah shes a bitch" and i just wanted to beat her in the fucking face right then and there but insted i walked away being a better preson then she is.

i got threatened at lunch by misty gail? if thats her name. yeah this is what she did threw out her trash walked back my direction... SLAPPED my lunch table and said "you better watch what you say about kira, tegan." oh yeah and then as she was walking away she said "WATCH YOUR BACK" me ally amber nicole and tim CRACKED UP! when she walked away trying to be all tough, WTF is wrong with that girl for real! so me amber and ally made fun of her the whole time after that. dude haha she needs a fucking life and to stop being such a wigger. god.

I have come to the conclusion that KIRA MYERS IS A FUCKING BITCH ASS SLUTLY VINTAGE BITCH. yeah and i dont care if anyone is friends with her. i hope she dies. : )

and me scarlett and katie have decied beating them up would be worth it because shes really immature and so are her dyke little friends.

ps. there 18, and cant touch me. HAHA! what now sucka!


May 31st, 2005
[ mood | worried ]

school went pretty well, everyone well mostly everyone liked my new jacket! i got called pretty a few times. but the first look i got this morning was from ally and it wasnt a good look she looked at me and thought it was ugly. well i dont care what she thinks so HA! pffttt yeah i cant home put up my awaymessage saying i was cleaning my room but lol that didnt happen i went to clean off my bed and bam. i was sleeping! lol woke up not to long ago and ate dinner and watched smallville holla! yeah now im watching picture perfect.

i havn't talked to devin all day... i think hes mad at me well... he isnt on and hasn't called......


romey and michell is a good movie [Monday
May 30th, 2005
[ mood | exhausted ]

today i went to the mall to hang out with justin! and these old people walked by and said
LIKE OMG! you guys are the cutest couple i have ever seen
wait are they even a couple?
heyy are you guys a couple..?
me: ..... noooooo!
ahahha it was funny like the look me and justin had on our faces lol its not like there was any reason to think we were even a couple its not like we were holding hands, kissing, or anything! we were just walking lol it was odd! then after a while me and justin walked back to his new house lol i like his room its cool and it has a poster that i made that says tegan is for lovers : )  hehe yeah pffftt then his dad that dont even live with him came in the house and no one was home but me and him and he got mad and took me back to the mall and left me there. i was all alone : ( so i had to hang out with barry............ gosh.......

over all i think my memorial day weekend was amazing : )

the end.

i love devin<3 muhahah


tega?, teka?, tiga?, tango? [Sunday
May 29th, 2005
[ mood | good ]

for some reason i dont update my livejournal anymore.
leave me some comments tho!

well so far i have hung out with devin for the past 5 days he came over on thursday.. lol it was fun we watched tv and what not then went to his g-moms for the night cause he didnt have to go to school the next day for senior cut day!

He came over and walked me home from thebus stop lol he popped out from behind the tree! lol i was funny : ) then we hung out for a little then at 5 30 went and got jess to go to the show. oh gosh.... the show... yo it was so crazy... mad people had gotton kicked out... and when i was watching the door this stupid kid refused to get away from it and he was yelling at me and he thought i was afriad of him because he was bigger then me. fuck that i dont take nothing from no one. and one kid not saying any names... ran in after being kicked out for no paying slapped me so fucking hard then ran out and got in a car and left. it wasnt funny. but he apolgized. so its fine. i took alot of pics but i dont feel like putting them on here right now cause im going out soon. but then after the show we cleaned up a bit then me jess and devin went home. we were beat i was the first to go to sleep. then devin went in the living room and jess slept in the bed with me ; ) haha j/k but she did.
ps. justin is an awEsome kid lol! oh yeah also at the show there were a few haters. cough cough karina, stacey cough! FUCK THAT!
Woke up! watched cribs with them for a while then got ready to go to devins then vanessa called and asked for a ride to the train station so we were going that way anyways. but we took jess home first then went to get nessa. dropped her off then went to devins house. gosh he has a really nice house, i like sitting out on the porch it was nice a nice view! the off to a show! in pensville! efforts made played they did well and so did the others. i made a few friends lol they gave me all different names tega?, teka?, tiga?, tango? crazy! lol but they were cool kids tho so its all good. after the show me and devin went to mcdonals! mmm, then we went to my house. we watched alot of tv. fresh prince, roseanne, and all that good stuff! then we went to sleep around  2am i guess

today i woke up at 9am as did devin. like normal! we hung out a bit watched dogma. the funnest thing i have ever seen was my cat fall out of my window! omg, i look up at the window and the screen fell out and the cat went alone with it! hahahha it scratched my moms car lol if anyone didnt know my room is upstairs lol so it was a long drop! but funny as fuck! lol then devin went home. so i ate my pizza took a shower it was good. then got ready to go lol i went to nesco for 5 mins. but im going back later cause there was no one there so i didnt stay.
ps. you know what you told me i should do devin, i did it just for you! haha

tomorrow we dont have school and do you know what opens MATTS MOTHER FUCKING PIZZA! omg, that pizza is orgasmic!!! uhhhhh!(*)&$*(#(*&^*(6@

im out, later!<3 bitchz

oh yeah one more thing


May 23rd, 2005
just a few more hours and i get to hang out with mb ally jess and kevin this is gonna be a blast motha fuckas!

I LOVE DEVIN!! (*&@)(#*$@#*($&

suck it [Sunday
May 22nd, 2005
[ mood | silly ]

i woke up at like 9... and i was like woah... i should get up and get ready. pfftt the water didnt work so i couldnt wash my hair then i get dress well.. maybe i didnt lol i wore the same thing i did yesterday and friday hahah so MB and Ally walk in! i didnt know they were coming over! oh man i love them they popped in for like 20 mins then devin showed up! yay! then me mb and ally made plans. IM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL ON WEDNSDAY! wanna know why? we are going to see GOOD FUCKING CHARLOTTE and SIMPLE PLAN! hahah you know you're jealous! dont hate! yeah so then they left to go get tickets, so me and devin hung out like normal.. and talked on the phone with mb and ally. hmm... then... another im... =/...  you know.. like the last one "your boyfriend is cheating on you.." kinda thing... pfftt.. i didnt know what to do... :-( god i didnt want that to happen i didnt wanna belive it but last time i didnt believe it.. it was true... pfftt but then i walked in the other room and made a phone call to the 2 best people in the world.. and asked them some stuff<3 god i love them yeah then i went back in my room and i decided to believe devin... i really think im in love with that boy. seriously<3 then we took a walk and saw jorden lol he said he was going to the beach he showed us some cool glasses lol that kids funny to bad he didnt have his crab! then walked back to my house well... yeah then we went to the mall. ate at tacobell : ) mmm then went into pac sun.. devin picked a shirt out for me =) its pretty so i bought it and im gonna wear it tomorrow<3 then to best buy, i bought the new fall out boy cd! yes! then we went home. hung out watched van helsing then like i dont know haha oh yeah we took scene pics in the mirror! lol yeah yo hmm... then we watched some invader zim yo! yessss! then he went home it was good

TOMORROW! i get to hang out with my love JESS!! also MB<3 Ally<3 and Kevin D<3, yeah tomorrow is my g-moms birthday party at my house so i decided to have some friends over!

oh boy! this week is going to be exciting AND! FRIDAY! go to show kay thanks

ps. he killed that napkin haha!


you're gonna be my drug buddie for today [Saturday
May 21st, 2005
[ mood | exhausted ]

My head hurts, my computer is fucking insane, and i miss devin. what is wrong with me?

blah, tonight the mall sucked, although katie core was there! =) and steve and mike m, and fred but other then that it was just me, kevin, and brant. and it was super boring cause all they did were run around... smoke... run around... and so on. oh well. AND TO TOP IT OFF. i got hit on by a black guy that kept touching me and slapping my butt. GOSH! it was gross, i really dont know why people are so retarted.. do i look black? NO so dont talk to me or touch me. skijhfjkshfj

devin is coming over tomorrow, thank fucking god. yeah we might hit up the mall. chill with some people... i miss him so much, today we have been going out for 8 new days... to bad i fucked it up before or it would be like a month and 2 days. :/ im stupid. i wish i could TAKE IT BACK. going out with jon was a stupid idea. oh well i have devin back, and im happy that i do cause he makes my day so much better<3

alright i think i might go to sleep early cause my head hurts and all.
laterz<3 hehe


May 20th, 2005
what the fuck is up with photobucket?!

May 19th, 2005
[ mood | aggravated ]

My Day.

1. I played soft ball, i hit that sucker! yes!

2. I read out loud from the book in english class.

3. Got a good start on my project for history.

4. The guy took my id because it was "demolished"? as he says

5. Told amber all about how im not gonna have more then 10 friends.

6. Wrote ally a letter.

7. Got into a fight with 3 damn NIGGERS. and got sent to the office. wtf is up with that. I FUCKING HATE BLACK PEOPLE THEY COULD DIE FOR ALL I CARE)(*&^%$#!@

8. Sat in the office for a while then did my health...

9. Got in more trouble in french for calling some kid an asshole and not saying sorry. so i had to stay after class. and she said you cant say that. i said "i can say w/e i want. so you can't fucking stop me."

10. Painted during study hall. that took out alot of anger. =) and ally saw me in the hall and gave me a picture and a letter gosh i love that girl<3 it made me smile.


hahah *&%&^$#&%$&%8 [Thursday
May 19th, 2005
[ mood | creative ]

new lay out bitches!

^^^ he likes it!

=) at least someone does!

comment it please!


i think im in love [Thursday
May 19th, 2005
[ mood | awake ]

yo im bored niggggaaa!!)(*$)(@#

i love devin?
pfftt yeah

it's 2 30 and its thursday!
tomorrows FRIDAY!
devins coming over(*&)*&@
then we are going to the
battle of the bands cause we
are cool kids like that, even
tho it is gonna suck cause
and i dont like some boys that
are playing in them. fucking
whores. but oh i have to promote
so im gonna go ANYWAYS. GOSH!
i miss my baby<333333 gosh


051405 [Tuesday
May 17th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

man i havnt updated in a while. i dont know i just dont feel like it that much anymore. but alright jon broke up with me uhh i forget when. i didnt really care cause i found out from gina that he was saying shit behind my back and using me for shows. how fucked up is that? hmm yeah. but then friday i was post to go to my own show... but i didnt... cause im retarted. but i went to clown fest. i really really really! wanted to see no hollywood ending. that was my only reason for going!... so jess took me and kevin it was fun yeah devin was there =)<3 yeah we hung out. he slept over on friday. and we hung out most of saturday! but then he went to a show and i went out to the movies with brant!<3 we seen the house of wax. it was good but fucking GROSS! and yeah i dont remember the rest of my weekend. lol yo nigga me and devin go back out<3 hehe i heart my devin. alright pic time. there from today at school, clown fest, my house? i dont know there all different!

picXturesCollapse )


May 11th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

so yesterday brant, nate, and 2 friends. came and picked me up! i was so excited cause i havnt seen nate in forever! and BAM! he just shows up but he has a g/f now lol so thats good. but hes moving back to kansass =( well then we went to brants house. they left and it was just me and brant! we got bored soooo he gave me a tattoo its cute<3 i gave him one but haha it didnt come out to well. it was on his ass and it was post to say teg buttt lol i didnt go over it so it didnt work to much.

tattooooooCollapse )
today i hung out with jon, brant, and MB<3 my 3 lovers. to bad... it wasnt the same without ally there =( it made me sad. oh well<3 i still love her<3 yeah we all had dinner. jon made a duct tape wallet and a condom for brant! lol it was werid... i need a shower cause i have marker all over my arm haha, later days! much love<39287098751....

HIT THAT [Sunday
May 8th, 2005
[ mood | I wanna dance ]

well alot has been going on this past week... i have been talking to jon alot. hes super cool! friday i was post to hang out with ashley and megan buttttt everything got messed up cause of the rain. so my mom wouldnt drive me that far. i was sad but i got over it in the matter of 5 seconds when i asked my mother if i could go to the mall lmao =) she said if you find someone to go with. so i asked jess and so we picked her up and we were off to the mizzal lol it was fun for the amount of people there. justin, amber, amit, brandi, krys, mike, dino, and so on.... me and jess got good stuff from the candy store mmm me jess and amit hung out and went in sears hahahha fun stuff.... i bought a fall out boy shirt and pants TIGHT PANTS!#%&^$&)(&( they are crazy tight. saturday i woke up and talked to jon and he came over at like 11 i guess. we hung out watched donnie darko and what not. called justins about things and he said he was going to the mall i was like hmm jon we should go to the mall so we hung out for a little more then we were offf to the mall we walked around and talked. we had a long talk. blah lets not get into that. but in the end everything turned out well. we go out now =) i know i told my self i wouldnt go out with anyone for a while. but i am REALLY REALLY gonna try my hardest to not break up or cheat on this one.<3 sorry devin.... ill get your stuff back to you... sometime.. Jess is going out with kevin :-) same day as us! this is cool! lol today! umm went to see the g-mom in millville i bought movies and went out to eat mmm wonton soup!<3 then home. called jon he was at work so i he called when he got on break. MB and Ally called. me i did some promoting and gonna do some more in school tuesday or something. for everyone who reads my life. i love you<3 kay thanks.
May 13th 2005
Cologne Fire Hall MaysLanding
6PM $8 at the door.
Useless, Pop Heros, Taking Sides, A Streetcar Named Desire, Ken Shiles Band, Liam and Me.
I really hope to see you there. because i know alot of people are gonna go to clown fest that night. so if you arnt please come out to our show its gonna be a party if your there or not! so HA

Dont hate cause we are cooler then you<3 lol



May 5th, 2005
[ mood | chipper ]

well well well, i have got new hair i hope you like it.

ugly? kay thanks! comment that.

well, school has been really great the past few days. i liked
it, i love it!&*(^&^#%$ right now im on the phone cause i
am super bored, lol a boy asked me out today. but i had to
say no because im sticking to my word about not going out
with anyone and in lunch this kid asked me if i would go out
with his friend i was like ew gross cause he wasnt white, im
not rasist well kinda haha but yeah 2 in one day come now
well my weekend is going like this, Tomorrow i cant go to
Hellogoodbye so ill see whats going on friday try to go some
where. Saturday im gonna hang out with jon somewhere lol
that should be kinda fun, then sunday is mothers day so we
im going out to eat with the family. lol mmm, good food i
well i hope this weekend goes well! okay later days<3


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